This first-time drag queen’s makeover is a glamorous glitter overload

To honor his childhood crush on Hannah Montana, participant Sullie transforms into “Hannah Masala” with the help of co-hosts Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice Labeija in this episode of Dragged.

Sullie’s plan was to surprise his friend who loves drag shows.

“I want to look delicious,” Sullie said.

As far as his aesthetic goes, Sullie put his fate in Marti and Jasmine’s hands.

“I’m known to be weird. So surprise me!” Sullie told the hosts.

Instead of trying to conceal Sullie’s beard, the Dragged hosts made it Sullie’s sparkling centerpiece by dousing it in gold makeup and glitter.

“Empowered. Sexy. Confident,” were just a few of the words Sullie used to describe how he felt. “I got to give it to you guys, all this work — amazing, amazing.”

“And now you have more respect for drag queens and women and people who put on makeup and are 30 minutes late,” Jasmine joked.

To meet Sullie’s request of looking “delicious” Marti and Jasmine chose a long, luscious wig, red velvet dress and classic black heels.

“I got to give it up to you guys,” Sullie told the queens. “It takes a lot of work, and I understand the pain.”

“You are working it!” Marti said. “You’re serving all the body.”

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