This fruit ‘cereal’ is cursed

A TikTok user is making people cringe and cry with their cursed version of “cereal.”

On May 18, TikTok user lindsey_nicole78 shared her healthy “cereal” recipe, which calls for blueberries, raspberries, banana slices and half-and-half. (Yes, seriously.)

“Add a ton of blueberries for antioxidants, raspberry for anti-inflammatory, add some bananas for potassium, add some half-and-half for a little healthy fats and voila: you’re done,” she explains in the video.

Many people were disturbed to learn of this “recipe,” which combines fruit with half-and-half.

“I’m appalled,” TikTok user lysschristine__ captioned her reaction video to the recipe, which has more than 357,000 likes.

In the comments, many people expressed similar disapproval for the “wet fruit salad.”

“Even [ice] cubes with water is more of a cereal than this monstrosity,” one person joked.

“I wholesale gagged at the half/half,” another user added.

“That’s straight-up fruit milk,” a third person commented.

However, other users flocked to lindsey_nicole78’s defense, noting that her recipe was basically a delicious-looking deconstructed smoothie.

“No I’m telling you I used to eat blueberries like this with a little bit of sugar it’s actually so yummy,” one person said.

“Yea it’s not cereal but y’all really don’t think this is gonna slap??? It’s just a deconstructed smoothie it looks hella good,” another user commented.

“It’s probably pretty expensive but damn that looks great,” a third person noted.

To each their own.

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