This Gen Z jewelry brand reimagines how to wear stud earrings

Where social media (and life overall) is concerned, self-expression plays a big factor. Younger generations have adopted piercings as a way to stand out. And despite what others have to say about piercings, NYC-based jewelry brand, Studs wants you to embrace them in your own unique way.

Described by Vogue as “The Glossier of piercing studios,” Studs offers piercing services where even model Kaia Gerber has been a user and fan. However, the brand also reels its customers in with its line of minimalist earrings. The brand itself is all about expressing yourself with your ears just as much as you would with your clothes and accessories.

Cofounded by Anna Harman, Studs seeks to normalize and even celebrate piercings with its selection of so-called “earscapes.” They are described by the Studs site as “The combined art + science of decorating one’s ear with personalized piercings + earrings, resulting in a form of extreme self-expression.” The brand offers four different collections: “Vibes,” “It’s Not a Phase,” “It Me” and “Basic Instinct.”

Snag some of the brand’s coolest earrings, cuffs and collaborations below:

Shop: Pavé Star Huggie, $24

Credit: Studs

Shop: CZ Trio Mini Crawler, $22

Credit: Studs

Shop: Crescent Moon Stud, $18

Credit: Studs

Shop: Trinity Stud, $24

Credit: Studs

Shop: Lightening Stud, $18

Credit: Studs

Shop: Coin Huggie, $30

Credit: Studs

Shop: Serpent Stud, $18

Credit: Studs

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