This guy is the master of trick shots

TrixShotSam is the founder of TrixShot, an online community where people share their cool trick shots. Sam is pretty much a master of the art form and his Instagram feed is full of the intricate stunts. His tool of choice is usually a frisbee or Nerf football. Sam has also got a lot of empty paint buckets. 

For one cool frisbee trick shot, Sam creates two humungous stacks of paint buckets. Each one looks more than twice his size in length. Sam then places a red bucket at the top of the two towers. Once he has got things set up, he steps back several yards. Sam launches a frisbee and immediately knocks the red bucket off the columns.

Sam uses another tower made of 138 buckets for a different trick. Instead of creating two stacked columns, he more intricately arranges these buckets. It looks almost like a castle turret. From a great distance, he then flings a single frisbee at it. The whole thing instantly collapses like a Jenga game tower. 

But Sam’s most impressive trick shot might be the bucket pyramid. Sam uses his white buckets to make a massive pyramid that is more than twice his height. He stands 220 feet away from it. Then he throws a Nerf football at it. The pyramid immediately falls. Now that’s a winning shot! 

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