This high school held its graduation ceremony on an actual ski lift

Kennett High School knows how to make the best out of a tough situation.

The high school, located in Conway, N.H., had its original commencement ceremony canceled due to the ongoing global pandemic, according to Good Morning America. However, the “raincheck” graduation might have been even better than the original.

In a far more socially distanced ceremony than originally planned, the Kennett class of 2020 received their diplomas on the side of a mountain — complete with a full ski lift ride for each graduate.

The concept, which involved students grabbing their degrees at the base of nearby Cranmore Mountain, originally came from one inventive parent, according to Kevin Carpenter, the school’s principal.

“We were brainstorming socially distant ways to celebrate graduation outside of a virtual or drive by-ceremony. A parent shared their idea of holding the ceremony at the summit of Cranmore and to us it made perfect sense,” Carpenter told Entertainment Tonight in a statement.

“It didn’t seem like the alternative options would be enough for these students, who are already missing out on so much,” he added. “We presented the idea to Cranmore and they loved it. It’s not your traditional graduation, but it will be a special one for sure.”

In addition to taking photos on and around the mountain, each student went for a celebratory lift ride with some of their loved ones — an exciting feature that allowed the teens to maintain social distancing.

“This is honestly probably a cooler way to graduate than just walking across a stage,” Sophie Stimpson, one of the graduates, told GMA.

Kennett’s inventive ceremony isn’t the first example of a school getting creative with its end-of-year proceedings. A few weeks prior, a charter school in Florida went viral after sharing footage of its own graduation, which took place on jet skis.

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