This HIIT workout will leave you out of breath

In The Know: Fitness is a series of exercise videos hosted by personal trainer, Jeremy Sry, in which he demonstrates step-by-step workouts that are easy to do at home, at the gym and even on the go. 

HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, combines cardio and strength training to create a super effective workout. Try this rigorous HIIT circuit if you’re looking for a workout you can do at home that will leaving you dripping in sweat.

1. Burpees (3 sets of 45 second rounds)

Start in a high plank position and do a push-up, then jump your feet into a standing position and jump up. Repeat.

2. Dumbbell push-up to shoulder press  (3 sets of 45 second rounds)

Start in a push-up position on top of the dumbbells. Do a push-up and then jump your feet into a squat position. Shoulder press as you stand up.

3. Single weight mountain climbers to jump squat (3 sets of 45 second rounds)

Start in a plank position while holding your dumbbells. Begin doing mountain climbers. Jump in, squat and jump up. 

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