This house is selling for $829,000, but the inside looks like a crime scene

The owners of a New York City home are trying to sell it for nearly $829,000 — the only problem is that the listing photos capture what looks like a horror film set.

Real estate agent Wachrachai Thongpanich took to the website to share photos of 50-18 196th Street, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in the pricey neighborhood of Fresh Meadows, Queens. The residence, which is currently on the market for $828,888, looks normal from the outside, until prospective buyers take a look at the inside.


What becomes immediately clear is that the residence needs a lot of work — and when we say “a lot,” we mean a lot. Photos of several of the rooms show worn-out floors and peeling wall paint. And that’s not all — the ceilings have holes, the appliances are evidently outdated and there are vines growing inside the kitchen.

But perhaps the most horrific part of the house is a bathroom that looks like it was used in a scene of “Psycho.” Both the bathtub and toilet are stained, and the tiles are 50,000 shades of brown. Yuck.

In an interview with the New York Post, an unnamed resident said that the house was an eyesore.

“This is a beautiful neighborhood, and the house [is] terrible,” she said. “I don’t know what happened in that house, why they kept it like that or why the city didn’t do anything about it … I’m sure that, because of the price, nobody wants to buy that kind of house.”


Thongpanich, who works at Douglas Elliman and declined to name the house’s owners, told the Post that the owners just didn’t bother to pay attention to it.

“They kept it unattended for obviously an extended period of time,” he said. “It just lacked upkeep, to say the least.”

So why the high price?

According to one of the Post’s real estate sources, the residence is in a prime neighborhood. The property’s lot is also about 4,912 square feet.

“You’re in a high-priced market,” the source said. “In comparison to other parts of Queens, it’s significantly more expensive, but relative to the surrounding properties, it’s not. There is a strong correlation with the quality of the local schools … that influences property values significantly.”


The newspaper notes that the median asking price for a residence in Fresh Meadows is $989,000 while the median sale price is about $859,444. The house is also reportedly located in a public school district that is among the city’s highest performing.

So, long story short, if you’re looking to move during this precarious time and willing to take a risk (including a huge financial one), give this home some consideration. It’s a killer.

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