This hyperrealistic pig cake is almost too cute to eat

No animals were harmed in the making of this pig.

Natalie Sideserf of Austin’s Sideserf Cake Studio made a hyperrealistic pig cake in honor of the summer grilling season. Designed in the image of the common Yorkshire pig, this will definitely be a hit at your next (socially-distanced) barbecue.

Sideserf starts with an iron-shaped cake board mounted on four sticks, on top of a larger board. For the hog’s pink body, she mixed modeling chocolate with ivory and a hint of red coloring. Sideserf then molded the chocolate to the bottom of the iron-shaped board in the shape of the pig’s belly. She also coated the four sticks to make the pig’s legs.

Next, it’s cake time. Sideserf placed two layers of chilled yellow cake with green frosting on the board. She cut pieces off the side with a serrated knife to sculpt the top of the body, including the butt and curve of its back. Once the shape was carved, she added a smooth crumb coat of green buttercream.

The baker then took a large, flat disc of modeling chocolate and draped it on top of the porker. She trimmed away any excess and used a sculpting tool to blend the layers together. Next, Sideserf carved in details like the snout, eyes, ears, mouth and wrinkles. 

For an extra layer of intrigue, she referenced a standard meat market pig diagram. However, instead of labeling the cuts of meat, she wrote “cake” in the different sections. In honor of her prized Traeger Grill, the Texan drew the company’s logo on the other side of the hog. 

Never adverse to the particulars of her subject, Sideserf topped things off by painting shadows and highlights on the pig’s face. Finally, she coated the bottom board in chocolate to represent mud. 

When Sideserf cut a slice, it was a pristine chunk of yellow cake and neon buttercream in a layer of pink, chocolatey goodness.

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