This interracial couple overcame racism from their own family members

Welcome to Real Life Love, a video series that shares the love stories of five different couples, including how they met, when they knew they found “the one” and how their relationships have stood the test of time.

As a Latina woman growing up in the 1950s, Dianne grew up surrounded by racism. However, when she met Danny in 1978, he accepted her for who she was.

“I saw in Dianne this amazing ability to overcome situations that she was in, and I think it was becoming obvious to me how strong she was as a human,” Danny told In The Know. “Dianne taught me to be a man.”

Dianne and Danny got married within a year and a half of meeting. To Danny’s surprise, though, his family wasn’t as accepting of Dianne as he was. It was devastating to the both of them.

“In my family, I never heard anything racist until I brought home a girl that was dark-skinned and my father said to me, ‘If you marry someone outside the family, you’re dead,'” Danny said. “I can’t describe how devastating it is to have the people you love the most reject you because you love someone else.”

Danny ultimately put his love for Dianne before his family — and luckily, his family members came around eventually and accepted the couple.

“I don’t think they could accept who we were until they saw evidence of who we were,” Danny explained.

Dianne and Danny work hard to instill a sense of unconditional love and thoughtfulness into their five kids every day. Watch the video above for their full story in today’s episode of Real Life Love.

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