This is how big brands package their ice cream in jars

Commercial confectioners require special machines to package their delectable desserts. 

Ice Group makes industrial equipment to make and manufacture desserts like cookies, cakes and ice cream. That means the Poland-based company is constantly updating its line of machines to stay up-to-date with culinary trends. 

You may have heard of trendy mason jar ice cream because it’s super easy to make (and there’s a keto version). But jars have also become a popular form of packaging for ice cream brands like Talenti and Honeymoon. So in 2018, Ice Group launched its first Expert Jars Rotary Filler

“We released a brand new machine, called Expert JRF (Jars Rotary Filler) for the filling and closing of different types of jars,” the company said in a press release. “The machine is Ice Group’s reply to the latest trends in ice cream production and offers a completely new quality of the product with various dosing modes possibilities.”

Numerous dosing modes allow the JRF to arrange the ice cream flavors in an array of patterns like a scoop, swirl or segmented sections. Most importantly, it does so uniformly so that every canister is filled the same — which is what you expect from a commercial brand.  

Watching the machine’s demo is as relaxing as it looks delicious. 

Robotic arms inject swirls of vanilla and cherry ice cream and chocolate and vanilla ice cream into small glass jars. Then the automated equipment twists the metal lids onto each jar on the rotating assembly disc. Once the jars are securely closed, they’re ushered onto a conveyor belt to receive brand labels. 

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