This joke doesn’t make sense now, but it will on July 25

“Hey man, did you get the jukers from the store?”

“Nah, they were all sold out. You know, Tuesdays, am I right?”

If this joke makes zero sense to you now, that’s because according to the person who made it — TikTok user Jaxon Joko — it will only make sense on July 25, 2020.

On May 11, Jaxon uploaded a video of himself telling the joke, warning people that they wouldn’t understand it since it’s a “future joke.”

“Hey guys, the following joke I’m about to tell is a future joke,” he says. “You won’t understand it now, but you’ll understand it July 25 in 2020, so enjoy.”

Though Jaxon gives no explanation as to how he could possibly know a joke that only makes sense in the future, people are still freaked out by his video.

“I’m so scared rn,” one person said.

“If this turns out to make sense I’m gonna go insane,” another user commented.

Evidently, Jaxon first told this joke on July 13, 2019, which only makes people more concerned.

“The more I watch this the more freaked out I get,” one person commented on the original video.

“Are y’all ready or,” another person added.

Check back on July 25 to see whether Jaxon is a true time traveler or just a very smart TikTok content creator.

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