This lawyer left his firm to become a balloon artist

Todd Neufeld left his job as a patent lawyer to become a full-time balloon artist. Now, he makes amazing and intricate designs — even wedding dresses — out of balloons.

“When I’m actually working with balloons, the common thread is people saying, ‘Oh my god I never knew that was possible, I’ve never seen that before,'” Neufeld told In The Know.

Neufeld’s passion for balloon art was ignited when he was in high school. The lawyer twisted balloons and jugged “all through college as a hobby,” he said. He even paid his way through law school by doing balloon art on the side.

Though he gave patent law a go, it didn’t take Neufeld long to realize that what he really wanted to do full-time was balloon art. Today, Neufeld combines engineering and art to create balloon masterpieces via The Twisted Balloon Company.

Check out Neufeld’s story above in this episode of “Passion to Profession.”

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