This machine breaks entire logs into firewood

Canadian company Bell’s Machining specializes in firewood processors. The massive equipment converts entire tree logs into smaller pieces of firewood.

A 2018 video featuring a processor from Bell’s 8000 series (its largest processor to date) has so far received over 6 million views on Tech Insider’s Facebook page. The video shows a tree’s complete journey from log to firewood in one of the manufacturer’s machines.

First, a tree log is fed into the machine and clamped in place, before a 60-inch Simonds circular saw, which can cut logs up to 30 feet long, chops it into sections. Next, sections of the trunk are pushed into the splitter, which has a 56-ton cylinder. The logs can be split into batches of six, eight, 12 or 16 pieces. 

The firewood is then moved along a conveyor belt and into a tumbler, which spins the wood to remove excess debris. Finally, the wood moves onto another conveyor belt and is filtered again by grizzly bars.

If the wood is intended for commercial sale, it will most likely be sent off for six months of seasoning, Consumer Reports notes. This process reduces the moisture content of the wood to about 20 percent, so that the wood burns with less smoke.

In response to Bell’s video-recorded process, one Facebook user shared fond memories of their own firewood use. 

“Chopping firewood at Granddad and Nannie’s when we were kids would’ve been mint with one of these,” he wrote. 

“I’ve been in the firewood business for 21 years,” another commented. “I have a good clientele of customers and an endless supply of wood. I would be a wealthy man if I owned this machine.”

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