This machine makes dozens of chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bars at once

Ice Group Machines manufactures various commercial ice cream-making equipment which includes ice cream served in cones, sticks, cups and sandwiches.

The company shared a video of one particular machine, the Iglo Line 1800, which makes chocolate-covered ice cream bars. An automated assembly line inserts popsicle sticks into dozens of vanilla ice cream bars which are then transported for chocolate dipping.

Finally, the dipped bars move along a conveyor to receive their retail packaging. Delicious.

People have been eating ice cream bars for 100 years. Harry Burt invented the original ice cream bar in 1920 in Youngstown, Ohio. The confectioner created a chocolate coating that could stick to ice cream. But when Burt let his daughter test the new concoction she concluded it was yummy but messy. It was Burt’s son who suggested putting the ice cream bars on a stick. The invention would become known as the Good Humor bar, named after Burt’s belief that a person’s temperament was related to their palate. 

People still enjoy Good Humor and other ice cream bars 100 years later.

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