This magazine editor’s closet is packed with chic, eclectic and bold pieces from metallic jackets to shimmery chunky heels

Abby Silverman (@abby.silverman) is a fashion magazine editor whose eclectic and bold style puts her in the perfect position to influence fashion trends around the globe. From vintage trench coats to shimmering heels, Abby’s unique sense of style knows no bounds—and her signature taste is loved and appreciated by her many followers and fans. On this episode of Coveted Closet, Abby gives us a tour of her wardrobe, and dishes out some invaluable pieces of fashion advice. 

“I have always been super inventive, unique and explorative when it comes to putting my pieces together,” says Abby. “I would describe my style as chic, eclectic and colorful. It’s important to express myself through clothing, because it’s you telling the world exactly who you are without having to say anything.” 

Stepping into her closet, Abby immediately reaches for a metallic gold vintage Burberry trench coat. “It was my husband’s grandmother’s, and his family gave it to me when she passed away. She was a very special person to me,” says Abby. “I love the detailing on this and I always wear it for special moments when I want to think about her. She was such an inspiration.” 

Abby then shows off some of her other favorite jackets, including a Retrofête piece with a unique colorful beaded pattern, a vintage two-tone metallic leather jacket that she picked up at a flea market, and a logo-filled Fendi vest. “Some people aren’t into logomania, but I think if it’s styled the right way it can be really cool,” says the fashion expert. 

Next stop on the closet tour is bags, as Abby shows off her “first and only” Fendi Baguette, as well as a unique Burberry bag with an oversized chain strap, that she purchased to celebrate a promotion at work. 

Moving on to shoes, Abby presents a pair of open-toed black Valentino heels that she managed to buy for half off the full price. “I think someone bought them and returned them,” she says, proudly. “And when I got them they were literally perfect.” 

With the closet tour wrapped up, Abby shares her go-to fashion tips. 

1. Invest in classic pieces

“I think investing in classic pieces is really important,” says Abby. Investing in classic pieces is not only a good way to ensure the longevity of your clothes, but it’s also a great way to practice sustainable fashion. 

2. Buy what you love 

“I don’t love defining things as trendy—I think buying what you genuinely love is super important,” says Abby. “If something falls into the category of a trend, or if something starts to trend, then great, you’re on trend. But I think you should focus on buying things you love.” 

3. Start out simple

If you’re building out your accessory or jewelry collection, Abby recommends starting simple, “like a classic gold hoop or a classic silver hoop depending on what you like, and then kind of dive into pieces that are a little bit more unique and different.” 

4. Create silhouettes for yourself

“As you get older and discover your personal style, there are certain silhouettes that you feel the most confident in and you feel the best in,” says the fashion editor. One of Abby’s go-to looks? A loose pair of jeans with a belted waist, paired with a silk blouse and a blazer. 

5. Go to flea markets for unique pieces 

“At any flea market I try to look for just really unique or statement pieces—typically jewelry stands out to me the most—or just accessories in general,” shares Abby. “It’s kind of like a treasure hunt. It’s very fun.’’

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