This magician isn’t afraid to reveal the secrets behind his best tricks

Wian Van Den Berg became fascinated by magic when he saw a magician on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Today, the South Africa native is a pro with 9.2 million followers on TikTok and 260,000 on Instagram.

But Van Den Berg isn’t like most other magicians. He makes it a point to be transparent and shows the secrets behind how a trick works can be just as fun. 

Van Den Berg usually posts a video of a magic trick’s behind-the-scenes before he even shares the illusion itself. One example is the tablet trick. Van Der Berg holds up the screen with a can of Coca-Cola on it. When he swipes the can it disappears off the screen but then a real one manifests on the table. He does the same swipe with a Rubik’s cube, it disappears then turns into a real one. Then he does the same thing with a $5 dollar bill but instead of swiping, he pulls it right off the screen. 

However, in the behind-the-scenes clip of the trick, Van Den Berg reveals it of course is all fake. A different angle of the stunt shows he has an assistant on the floor placing each object behind the tablet and then sticking the bill onto it. Many Instagram users appreciate Van Den Berg’s honesty.

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“Love this trick, I will probably practice this,” one Instagram user said

“When people call it magic but it’s actually called tricks and illusions,” another added.

“Hahaha, it’s a cool trick and very simple,” one person commented.

Well, there you have it. I guess now we know why most magicians have assistants!

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