This man donated part of his liver to save his wife’s life

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Mary and Robert Wolff have been through it all together — and for that, their bond is stronger than ever.

Mary was born with a rare liver disease called chronic biliary atresia, a condition that causes the bile ducts to be scarred and blocked. Her liver was fine up until she was 38, which was when she was told she needed to have an immediate transplant.

“On the way home [from the doctor], I looked at her and grabbed her by the hand, and I sat there and I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be romantic if I was your donor?'” Robert recalled to In The Know.

Unfortunately, after getting his blood tested, Robert found out that he was not a match. “I’m A blood, Mary’s B blood,” he explained.

Once he found out he couldn’t donate, Robert made it his mission to find a viable donor.

“I basically lived, slept and dreamt about finding her a match,” Robert said.

After consulting another doctor, though, Robert and Mary learned that Robert was, in fact, the perfect donor all along.

Though Robert has type A blood, he tested positive for the A2 subgroup, which meant he could donate to his wife, who has type B blood.

“Overcoming everything that we’ve been through has just made our bond so much stronger. I just feel like we can get through anything,” Mary said. “Not many people can say it, but I have a piece of my husband inside of me.”

Check out Mary and Robert’s full story in the episode of Real Life Love above.

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