This McDonald’s muffin is so hard, even a hammer can’t break it

Though McDonald’s arguably makes some of the best fast food chicken nuggets and french fries out there, one thing the chain isn’t really known for is its breakfast pastry offerings — and there’s a reason why.

On June 13, TikTok user Rebekah Kushnier shared a video of the muffin she ordered from McDonald’s. At first glance, the muffin looks appetizing; however, when Rebekah tries to break off a piece to eat, she simply can’t.

“McDonald’s must b playing a prank on me,” Rebekah captioned her video. In the video, she bangs the muffin against a window, throws it on the floor and even hits it with a hammer — all to no avail.


McDonald’s must b playing a prank on me #food#mcdonalds#fyp

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Fellow TikTok users were concerned about how “stale” the muffin was.

“Looks like they accidentally put cement in it instead of flour,” one person joked.

“That’s a weapon at this point,” another user said.

“That’s not a muffin that’s a rock,” a third person added.

Some current and former McDonald’s employees noted that they’ve encountered such inedible muffins before, usually either because the muffin isn’t fully defrosted or because the McDonald’s chain tried to sell a pastry that was days — or even weeks — old.

“When I worked at McDonald’s they just got us to cover the leftover muffins when we closed and then keep selling them,” one former employee revealed.

“They’re frozen until to morning of use,” another person claimed. “If you go early when they’re still defrosting they should’ve told you and heated it up for you.”

Whatever the case may be, you’re probably better off going to a local café the next time you have a hankering for a sweet breakfast treat.

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