This mug gives flat beer a fresh, foamy head

The taste of freshly poured beer isn’t something you can bottle, but now you can recreate it at home

The Beer Jug Jokki Hour Foam Maker from Takara Tomy adds foam to any beer with a flip of a switch. If you’re second-guessing it, look to Germany, Czech and Japan, countries who consider a frothy head as a promising sign that the beer is fresh.

Just pour your favorite beer into the mug and press the lever on the handle. Then watch foam rise from the bottom of the glass — the more you click the more it foams, so don’t get too trigger happy. The jug doesn’t require batteries or power, making it all the more convenient to travel with. 

The mug’s name is also a wink at most Westerners who hate heady beer. According to Japan Today, the word “hour” is a play on the Japanese word “awa,” which translates to “foam.” So the name, “jokki hour,” is an intentional mistranslation of “foam mug.

The product launched in 2012 to much excitement. The jug’s commercials performed well on YouTube, where the comment section was filled with people explaining why foamy beer is the best.

“Because it looks and tastes good. I know that in England they drink it without foam but in Germany, it has to have foam,” one user wrote. 

“In Belgium, good beer is always with foam. If you don’t have foam you are drinking English beer but that’s not beer!” another commenter joked.

“Head on beer shows freshness. It shouldn’t be too big but should be self-sustaining. If you don’t get a head or it goes very quickly, it means the beer is flat. It can also mean the pipes that it came from are dirty. Half an inch of head = win,” one fan said. 

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