This New Orleans house has a toilet on the stair landing

When it feels like we’ve seen it all with weird house listings — a mansion with a mini village in the basement, a “normal” house with a space-themed kitchen — someone on Twitter goes ahead and uncovers a bizarre dwelling that puts the others to shame.

This most recent mind-boggling listing was first discovered by journalist Brandy Jensen. Her Twitter post about the baffling house, which was posted on June 11, already has more than 15,000 likes.

According to the post, Jensen came across this New Orleans listing while “once again browsing Zillow.” (Anyone who says they don’t casually browse Zillow is a liar.)

“I am obsessed with the mind behind the decision to put a toilet on the stairway landing,” Jensen wrote along with a photo of what appears to be a working toilet and sink on a stair landing.

People were naturally disturbed by this bathroom that offers zero privacy.

“How is the plumbing even possible?!” one person asked.

“The fact that it’s fully visible from the front door really gives it that extra kick,” another user joked.

“Imagine the smell,” a third person added.

If you’re interested in buying a 1,650-square-foot home in New Orleans with a toilet on the stair landing, this condo can be yours for just $264,900.

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