This nurse is constantly mistaken for Taylor Swift

A lot of people claim to look like celebrities, especially on TikTok. This guy bears a striking resemblance to John Krasinski, and this woman might honestly be related to Ryan Reynolds.

This nurse named Ashley is on another level, though. I’ve been a Swift fan since the country music days, and even I had to do some searching to make sure she hadn’t decided to take on a new identity in quarantine.

Ashley, who goes by the name traumarn13 on TikTok (a homage to Swift’s “taylorswift13” handle, it seems), shared a video demonstrating what happens when she goes out in public in Swift’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

“I wear scrubs all day & just want to look nice…,” she wrote over a clip of her leaving the house in a cute outfit.

Over the course of the video, she shared what outfits she would wear out of the house in certain scenarios, like a Target run or a date night with her husband — and explained that in each one, she’s been mistaken for Swift.

By the time the video ended, Ashley wore a hoodie, quirky leggings and sunglasses to try to hide her identity.

“No more looking cute in public,” she wrote.

The resemblance left commenters shocked.

“I thought I had just come across Taylor Swift’s TikTok,” one said.

“You don’t look like Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift looks like you,” another wrote.

Others said they were sad she couldn’t go out in public without people bothering her.

“Everyone telling this girl she should change her hair or makeup… lmao I have no words,” one user wrote.

“I’m so sorry you have no privacy out in public….. I can’t imagine,” another said.

After that video went viral, Ashley shared another one addressing the attention she’s gotten lately.

After the TikTok went viral, Ashley made another video addressing the attention, adding that she’s been compared to the Grammy winner for years.

“I appreciate all the love,” she said. “The video was made as a joke. A lot of people took it a little too seriously.”

She said in a comment that she “overplayed” the response she gets in public, but she’s been mistaken for Swift for years — and it’s clear she’s got a great attitude about it.

We hope Ashley is enjoying all the buzz about Swift’s new album!

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