This NYC college student landed her dream internship as a designer for Ralph Lauren: ‘the future Rachel Green’ 

What’s it like being a fashion student in the Big Apple who just nabbed a coveted design internship for an even more coveted brand? This TikToker might have somewhat of an idea.

Annabelle Brame (@byannabellebrame) is a fashion design student at New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Soon, she’ll be able to add “design intern at Ralph Lauren” to her list of accomplishments.

Brame recently posted a TikTok video that captured the exact moment she found out she landed the opportunity of a lifetime: a summer design internship at Ralph Lauren.

“my live reaction to getting my internship offer at Ralph Lauren,” she writes.

Fashion girlies and fellow TikTokers were equally excited for the 20-year-old student.

“The way you held it together!! YASS CONGRATS QUEEN,” someone wrote.

“the future Rachel Green,” another said.

“AHHHH CONGRATS!!! You better take us along with you!!” one user replied.

“And I literally feel violently ill. Like, I’m so excited … but like I also feel like violently ill.”

For those interested in learning about how she acquired the internship, Brame posted an additional video focusing on the “interview thought process.” The clips depict the moments leading up to her final interview, a post-interview debrief and finding out she got the gig.

“My Ralph Lauren interview, the final one, is in five minutes,” she says. “And I literally feel violently ill. Like, I’m so excited … but, like, I also feel violently ill. Oh my God, I’m looking at the invite.”

In her post-interview debrief, Brame says she and her interviewer “were talking great.”

“I like name dropped who I’ve been working with, and she was loving on that,” she says. “She’s also fashion design. I seemed very eager. I did everything … I asked if she had any questions or concerns that I could help address, and she was like, ‘No, I’ve heard a lot of amazing things.’ And she’s like, ‘I’m sure we’ll be talking soon.’ What does that mean?”

“This time in two months, I’ll just be casually walking around the Ralph Lauren headquarters.”

Finally, Brame finds out she got the job.

“I hop on the call, and she’s like asking all of these questions about myself, and, like, telling me about the internship, and she hasn’t told me anything, then she’s like, ‘OK, since you have no other questions, we wanted to formally, verbally offer you the position for the summer.'”

Brame, along with some commenters, likened her circumstance to Rachel Green’s from Friends. Rachel, famously played by Jennifer Aniston, lands a position as a buyer for Ralph Lauren in the show’s fifth season.

“I can’t even comprehend that it’s happening. Like, I’ve wanted this for like so long. I’ve wanted this since I was like a child,” Brame says. “Like, I’m literally in my Rachel era. This time in two months, I’ll just be casually walking around the Ralph Lauren headquarters.”

Brame concludes her video with a reminder for those pursuing their dreams.

“Life is really good,” she says. “And when things get really bad, just know that it’ll all turn around, and eventually, things will be really, really good.”

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