This NYC resident is famous for his 150-square-foot apartment

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Out of all Anthony Triolo’s life accomplishments, from his work on the small screen to his architecture degree, living a minimalist lifestyle is his claim to fame.

His tiny 150-square apartment located in an Upper West Side brownstone has been featured in outlets from Today to New York Magazine — and for good reason: From his ties to the color of his socks, everything in Triolo’s home is impeccably organized. 

“The key to fitting everything in is shelves everywhere,” Triolo explained to In The Know. “You don’t want to have little stuff in big spaces, so it’s really all about proportion.”

For Triolo, that means custom-built shelves and conspicuously hidden bins to maximize space without being an eyesore. Even his kitchen, which is essentially just four shelves and a sink, contains a seemingly impossible number of bowls, cups and utensils.

“I really started to become more methodical about what I’m putting in my space and everything became more intentional,” he said. 

And though he thought his apartment would be a temporary choice, Triolo is still living the minimalist lifestyle eight years later.

“When my apartment’s organized, I feel organized,” Triolo said. “I feel relaxed.”

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