This parrot loves to bust a move when her owner plays the maracas

Sometimes you’ve just got to get down with your bad self. 

Peach the lovebird parrot enjoys getting into the groove just as much as the next guy. Peach’s owner Rachel Tabalba even recorded a video of her last June dancing to some maracas.

“Peach loves dancing and shaking to the music or rhythm. We always get these funny clips of her!” Tabalba told Newsflare.

In the video, Peach is perched on the side of a pink box filled with all kinds of pet toys. Tabalba is sitting behind her with two maracas. “Shake, shake, shake,” Tabalba says, egging the bird on as she waves the handheld instruments around. Meanwhile, Peach bobs up and down to the rhythm of the beat. 

Research shows that parrots have extremely personal musical tastes and may even enjoy music as much as humans. The birds have their own preferences and even loathe certain genres, particularly electronic dance music.

When scientists studied African grey parrots in particular, they found that the animals preferred rock and folk music over other genres. The birds signified their fondness by bobbing their heads and legs, similar to Peach.

However, like humans, birds’ tastes in music are not universal or unique to a species or breed — they’re individualized. Thus, it’s not crazy for Peach to prefer the maracas.

“The birds clearly showed preferences. One preferred the rhythmic and one preferred the classical,” Dr. Frank Péron, who worked on the study, told the Telegraph. “There is no trend for the birds. Even if they are in the same place hearing the same things, they do not prefer the same music.”

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