This picnic table handles everything for you — from hot dogs to beer

Matt Thompson of Thompson Wood Art uses his woodworking skills to create “ridiculous and unnecessary things.” Some of these products include a chair that pats you on the back and an automatic dog petter. But it’s really his “Ultimate Picnic Table,” that would be perfect for the warm weather.

My latest invention,The Ultimate Picnic Table

Posted by Matt Thompson Woodworks on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The massive contraption is an outdoor table that serves guests hot dogs and beer. Thompson used a pulley system to control some of the mechanisms like the beer dispenser. Guests just press down on the under-table pedal to release a can from the built-in wooden cooler. The picnic table also comes fitted with a hot dog grill.

It works just like a conveyor belt. When the hot dogs finish cooking, a robotic mechanism pushes them to the output pile. Then hungry guests can grab a dog and slather it in ketchup or mustard from the condiments dispenser. It very much is the ultimate grill for a lazy day. 

Thompson’s inventions aren’t usually for sale. But Facebook users were still pretty impressed by the picnic table — even if they can never get their hands on one.

“Are you kidding me??? How do you think of all these inventions? This table is awesome!” One Facebook user wrote

“This is epic! Awesome how the hot dogs are mustarded evenly,” another said

“I wish I had your brain! Lol,” one person said.  

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