This pro boxer is exclusively trained by his mother

Denis Douglin is a professional boxer who’s trained exclusively by his mother, Saphya.

The duo are a force to be reckoned with and share Denis’s training videos on his Instagram account, affectionately named mommasboy_denis. In a lot of the clips, Saphya is in the ring with full training gear on, taking hits and throwing punches with her son.

A set of viral videos shared by House of Highlights shows how the mother and son work out together. In the first clip, Saphya holds training mitts and Denis doesn’t hold back. Saphya looks unfazed as she takes every powerful hit from her son. 

In the second video, the pair are training in a gym. Saphya takes an even more active role. She throws a few punches that Denis is able to duck under. They practice their footwork as they circle each other while never losing eye contact. 

One of Saphya’s punches actually connects in the third video. The two spar for a bit, but the mother is able to hook her son in the side of the head. 

The trio of training videos scored over 329,000 likes on Instagram. 

“AND she got the heels on in the last video,” someone pointed out

“Mom got the pads and heels on. She’s a real G for this,” another added.

“Nobody can make you work harder than moms,” one user wrote

Saphya and Denis’ boxing bond began when he was 8 years old. He got into a fight with a much bigger kid in the neighborhood and lost. Denis’ parents wanted him to learn self-defense so Saphya started to take him to boxing lessons every day. And the rest is history!

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