This promotional truck easily expands into a full entertainment space

Touring brands should look no further than the bratke truck. The expandable, mobile event space goes from 0 to 130 square meters in 20 minutes. When you’re done showcasing your products, it folds right back up so that you can be off to the next location.

The bratke truck has all the basic amenities you’ll need to host a successful event, such as WiFi, air conditioning and a bathroom. But when it unfolds it really is a spectacle.

Personalized company logos are prominently displayed on top and on the sides of the vehicle. When closed, the truck is opaque and white. But within minutes it converts into a massive showroom.

The exterior unfolds into four walls of transparent glass encasing with entrances from all four sides, so you know it gets great lighting. Once set up, the space is able to entertain dozens of patrons who lounge on the modern white sofas, tables and gather around the LED-lit bar. You’d never know this was a truck.

Each bratke truck has 50 seats and a staircase that leads to a roof terrace that can fit 25 guests comfortably. It even comes with a laser, light and fog system to get your clientele pumped up.

The vehicle is also self-sufficient so that it can go anywhere — even the “most unusual locations” according to the company. Not only because it’s mobile but because it also has a large fresh and wastewater tank for your convenience.

All and all the bratke truck is the perfect vehicle to take you and your brand to the next level.

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