This ‘run-down’ house with no bathrooms is on sale for nearly $600,000

A “run-down” house with a collapsing roof and a “missing bathroom” is hitting the market for nearly $600,000, leaving the internet with all kinds of questions.

The home is located in Waterloo, a developing residential area in Sydney, Australia. While the location may be ideal, the building itself is admittedly “not for the faint-hearted.”

That’s according to the property’s listing on The three-bedroom home currently has “no indoor bathroom” but is expected to sell for around $800,000 Australian dollars ($560,000 USD).

The listing admits the unit is in a “derelict state” and is “completely unlivable” in its current condition, but it also presents the home as the “ultimate fixer-upper.”

Among the home’s other features: damaged floors, scraped-up walls and a “deep overgrown” lawn. In one room, the roof is being held up by cabinets.


The house does seem to have several redeeming qualities, though. According to the listing, it’s located in a row of historic 19th-century houses, and the building itself dates back to the 1880s.

“It has a lot of potential,” Jack McGhee, the leasing agent, told the Daily Telegraph. “These kinds of properties always get attention because they are rare. There aren’t many of them left.”


However, McGhee also noted that it would likely take the new owner $500,000 Australian dollars (around $350,000 USD) to fix the place.

One of those fixes would likely be adding a bathroom: As of now, the only toilet is in the backyard.


The leasing agent still expects the house to go for a hefty price when it hits auction in August, though. According to the Daily Telegraph, several similar homes have recently sold in the millions.

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