This secret Five Guys burger order is a cheese lover’s heaven

This secret Five Guys burger order is a cheese-lovers dream come true! 

TikTok user Marissa K, (@marissak2) went viral for her extra-cheesy burger order at Five Guys. The video, which has over 950,000 views, explains the process behind obtaining this cheesy masterpiece. Thankfully, the steps aren’t too complicated. Just order a grilled cheese, add your favorite toppings, and ask for an extra patty. The result is what’s known as a “Patty Melt,” or as we like to call it, the cheesiest burger we’ve ever seen in our lives! 

But it’s not just the cheese that gives this burger legendary status. When Five Guys makes grilled cheese, they toast the bun and add a bit of mayo to the outside of the bread, giving the sandwich an extra crunchy layer of flavor. But when you order a regular burger, the buns don’t get that same toasty, creamy treatment. So the Patty Melt is the perfect menu hack that gives diners the best of both worlds. 

Marrisa first posted the clip as a response to a video from TikTok user Emmanuel Varlez (@emzvarlez09), who had an insider’s perspective into this cheesy secret. And while nearly a million viewers flocked to see Marrisa’s secret order in action, some users tried to cook up some doubt in the comment section. 

“Looks messy and expensive,” said one user. To which Marissa replied, “messy burgers are usually the tastiest.” We definitely agree, and so do the 700 users who liked the comment! 

The Patty Melt isn’t the first Five Guys secret menu item to come into the fold. There’s the Presidential Burger, which is a replica of President Barack Obama’s custom Five Guys order, or nacho cheese fries, which are fries with melted cheese on top. And if you want to get even MORE cheesy, you can go for the Double Grilled Cheese Burger, which consists of two burger patties stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. 

These orders certainly aren’t for the lactose intolerant.

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