This self-balancing hoverboard is built to beat boredom

It took Kyle Doerksen eight years of development to invent the Onewheel, a mono-wheeled, motorized skateboard.

Designed to kill boredom, the compact device adds a touch of sportiness to the traditional hoverboard or e-scooter. But unlike other skateboards, the Onewheel is self-balancing so you don’t have to be a pro to get your money’s worth out of it. 

To use a Onewheel, place one foot behind the wheel and one foot in front of it. The base contains two pressure-sensitive pads that detect where you’re standing on the board. Its three internal accelerometers and gyroscopes help to orient the board and keep you balanced. 

The Onewheel is available in two models: the Pint and the XR. The Pint is a smaller, narrower board with a top speed of 16 miles per hour and is recommended for dog walks, driveway shenanigans and casual cruising. Meanwhile, the XR is the larger, faster version with a top speed of 19 miles per house. It’s ideal for long commutes, singletrack trails and more rugged terrain. 

Onewheel dropped an ad for its board on May 7. Self-isolating folks might be getting a bit stir crazy since it racked up over 12.6 million views on YouTube

“My XR ships tomorrow and I feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas,” one user wrote

“I got my pint a month ago, best decision I’ve ever made!” another said

“I’m still convinced it’s magic!” one person wrote.

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