This shirt’s secret zipper makes the wearer look perfect and polished

Some might say traditional button-downs aren’t always as flattering to the male form as they could be. The Zip Fit shirt by Teddy Stratford NYC aims to solve fit issues by using the same tailoring method as Royal Thai Police uniforms: a hidden zipper.  

Company founder Bryan Davis was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok when he was taken with the fit of the cop’s shirt. The officer provided Davis with the Royal Thai Police’s tailor where he learned that the shirt actually used a zip enclosure. A zipper creates a closer fit for a more polished and tailored look. 

The Zip Fit uses three tailoring techniques to elevate the menswear staple. Its zipper prevents the so-called “bratwurst effect,” or unappealing wrinkles created by the closed buttons, by evenly distributing the tension.

Meanwhile, the shirt takes its design from the supposed ideal ratios of the male form between shoulders, chest, waist and hips. Teddy Stratford NYC boasts that anyone who wears the Zip Fit will instantly appear to have an athlete’s physique. 

“If you take a guy who is more average, let’s say, he’s slim, or he could lose a few pounds or whatever,” Davis told In The Know. “Because of the shape of the shirt, it actually pulls the visual and the way that person looks towards more athletic. And that was kind of a happy accident that we discovered then.”

Its third feature is a patent-pending interlocking system that ensures the collar always stays upright. This prevents it from slowly spreading open and resembling John Travolta’s shirt in “Saturday Night Fever.” 

The Zip Fit is available in long and short sleeves in various, colors and prints ranging from traditional stripes to edgier pink tigers.

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