This ‘snack math’ hack is a tasty way to teach kids how to count

This TikTok parent’s snack math hack is a clever and tasty way to teach your child how to count! 

Ashley (@mother.of.dragons.3) is a TikToker and parent who often shares activities, hacks, and moments of daily life alongside her husband and children. Recently, she shared a fun hack designed to help your toddler or preschooler learn to count. 

The clip begins with footage of a series of numbered cards strewn amongst two bowls, one empty, and one filled with Cheerios.  

According to Ashley’s instructions, write the number of your choice and draw the matching number of circles on a card. The cards can be as minimal or as elaborate as you choose as long as the numbers and dots are clearly written on them. 

Next, grab your child’s favorite snack, and have them place their snack in each circle while they count out loud. 

Once they complete one card, have your child gather up the snacks and place them in their empty snack bowl for them to eat when they’re finished with the lesson.

It’s incredible how a little imagination can help incorporate lessons into routine activities, such as snack time, by turning some everyday household items into educational games

Viewers were inspired by Ashley’s clever combination of snack time and lesson time. 

“Such a cute idea,” gushed one user.

“What if they eat them before they count?” one person playfully inquired. 

“I’ll try that idea with my four-year-old daughter,” one parent enthused. 

“I’m going to try this,” another viewer commented without mentioning whether they meant for themselves or their kids.

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