This studio holds socially-distanced hot yoga classes in geodesic domes

Just when we thought group fitness was over (at least temporarily) one yoga studio’s unusual method is making it possible. 

Lmnts Outdoor Studio has always used hot yoga pods. But now that people are socially distancing, its pop-up events might be the only way to safely workout with strangers. The yoga practice uses 50 clear, frameless geodesic domes. Each of the 7-foot-tall domes is designated for one person.

The domes have a purpose as they produce a greenhouse effect. Temperatures inside can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, although users can adjust the heat and use cooling fans inside. But naturally, the whole point of hot yoga is to get hot. 

The form of the practice claims a slew of benefits, like detoxification from sweating, while the high temperatures can make yogis a bit more limber.  

“The heat also allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures,” Joanna Thurlow, the owner of Moksha Yoga Halifax, told Best Health Mag. “So you know you’re really warming up the muscles and you can really approach the postures from a safe place.”

A heated room can also elevate the heart rate which can up the intensity of the workout. Bikram yoga is often revered as the original form of hot yoga where yogis must complete a standardized sequence of 26 postures focusing on endurance. 

Lmnts Outdoor Studio is hosting a Toronto pop up from June 21 to July 31 with five to six classes every day. Sign-up soon because tickets are expected to sell out quickly! 

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