This super-fit TikToker makes healthy substitutes for your favorite desserts

This super-fit TikToker wants to get you in shape one healthy dessert at a time. 

Razi Khan is a content creator and fitness enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada whose healthy dessert substitutes rack up millions of views on TikTok. Instead of eliminating his favorite desserts from his diet entirely, he makes healthy substitutes that are just as satisfying. Here are 5 healthy dessert substitutes from Khan that can accompany any fitness journey. 

Healthy substitute for ice cream bars (low-carb)

These low-carb creamy, healthy ice cream bars require only 5 ingredients and take all of 5 minutes to make! Greek yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, frozen fruit of your choice, and optional protein powder. Freeze, cut into bars, and enjoy. What a great way to beat the heat!

Healthy substitute for a brownie bowl (no added sugar)

This recipe takes only one minute to make and has no added sugar! If you have egg whites, protein powder, cocoa powder, whole wheat flour and baking powder, you’re in business. Pop your batter in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and you’re all set. 

Healthy substitute for donut holes (low-carb, keto-friendly, no added sugar)

These healthy coconut date balls are a great alternative to a sweet, dense donut hole. Plus they’re keto-friendly, low-carb, and have no added sugar! Just mix some coconut oil, cocoa powder, and a splash of water. Throw your mix into a blender with one cup of pitted dates and protein powder. Once the mixture clumps, roll it into bite-sized balls. Coconut flakes add texture if you’re feeling fancy!

Healthy substitute for cheesecake (low-carb)

If you’ve been looking for a healthier, low-carb version of this rich and creamy dessert, you’ve met your match. Cook up some frozen blueberries (or other frozen berry) and add them to a mixture of fat-free or low-fat cream cheese, honey, whole wheat flour, vanilla extract, and optional scoop of protein powder. Mix it all up and throw it into the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. Meanwhile, blend up some cereal. Once your cream cheese mixture is frozen enough, roll it into the ground up cereal by the spoonful for texture. Eat right away or freeze for a little bit longer. 

Healthy substitute for a banana bread bowl

Another one-minute wonder! Mash up a ripe banana, add egg whites, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, low-calorie maple syrup, baking powder, and optional protein powder. Mix it all up until you get a lumpy batter and then cook it in the microwave for one minute. Boom! 

And if dessert isn’t your thing, Khan has plenty of savory recipes with a healthy twist. 

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