This tasty TikTok-viral soda (with apple cider vinegar) improves gut health and gives you glowing skin

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TikTok is at it again. The app has stumbled upon a drink called poppi that looks so cool; you would change your Instagram feed aesthetic. It tastes delicious, and it’s even good for your gut and skin. Not to mention, it’s a soda with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).

Ah yes, soda, the beverage many people think is the worst for your body. However, the Shark-Tank-and-TikTok-famous beverage company does carbonated drinks differently. Poppi, formerly known as Mother Beverage, is a prebiotic soda created by Allison Ellsworth. Search #drinkpoppi on the app, and you’ll find almost 6 million searches. The drink gets its name for the soda pop feeling you’ll get on your tongue when you drink it. Each flavorful poppi drink is sweet, but it only contains 5 grams of sugar or less and 20 calories or less per can. It’s also free of gluten, fat and entirely vegan-friendly.

If you haven’t already done a morning shot (of ACV, that is), you know that this shelf-life-friendly ingredient is kind of huge when it comes to overall health. Studies have shown that it can help lower cholesterol and even reduce blood sugar spikes when consumed before a meal. Poppi, though, makes the notoriously bitter flavor of ACV practically invisible to the tastebuds, so all you taste is deliciousness.

poppi A Healthy Sparkling Prebiotic Soda, 12-Pack, $29.88

Credit: Amazon

The poppi prebiotic drink even has more than 3,000 Amazon shoppers talking. With a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, it’s a tasty soda that’s good for you. One customer did mention that other than fruit in the drink, Stevia is also one of its sweeteners.

“Yes, it has Stevia,” they wrote. “But I don’t seem to be a Stevia hater like some people. I agree that, sometimes, Stevia can give a ‘chemically’ taste. But I don’t pick that up in this beverage. Also, Stevia isn’t an artificial sweetener. It wasn’t made in a lab. It’s a plant. That said, some people can have ‘reactions’ to Stevia. [Putting the] Stevia soapbox aside, if you’re cool with Stevia and you like booch-kinda-stuff — go for this drink.”

Credit: Amazon

Another customer who only left four stars mentioned that it’s pricier compared to regular soda.

“I really was excited to try this product as I have an issue with gut health.” The shopper wrote. “It also seemed to help with my tummy issues. I realized that I would need to have at least one drink a day to keep up [with] the regimen. At approximately $3 a can, I realized I could not afford to do it. I did not mind having to order by mail, as it is not locally in stores. If this product becomes more affordable, I would give a 5-star rating.”

poppi Prebiotic Drink Review

I’ve tried the stuff for myself with a bad stomach ache. A few sips of this helped flush out my system, and I was good as new. Not to mention, as someone who doesn’t normally drink sugary sodas, it’s not so sweet I need to go to the dentist. Plus, I genuinely drink this as if it were real soda because it’s just that good.

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