This teen’s in-class Zoom hack is probably a bad idea — but it’s still pretty hilarious

A college student is going viral thanks to her inadvisable — but hilarious — virtual class hack.

The trick, shared by a TikToker named Emily Gordon, claims to help anyone pretend like they’re paying attention during an online class or virtual meeting at work.

Her idea is simple, but according to her, effective. Basically, it involves filming a two-minute video of yourself staring, yawning and breathing. Then, you set that clip as your Zoom background.

From there, as Gordon puts it, you can do anything you want.

“Get out of the frame, and then the video will just play on,” the 19-year-old explains. “And you will be on your phone or doing whatever you wanna do — and no one will know.”


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Obviously, no one should actually skip out on even a second of class — let alone a work meeting. Still, Gordon’s hack seemed to at least provide some laughs for TikTok users.

“Okay, but does it work in Teams? Asking for a friend,” one user joked.

“You really broke the system,” another wrote.

Some students praised the idea as “genius,” but many were critical. Several commenters chimed in to point out some of the hack’s flaws.

“It’s all fun until [the professor] asks you a question,” one user wrote.

“‘Why aren’t you taking notes?'” another joked, pretending to be Gordon’s teacher.

“People really put in all this effort to not do something instead of just doing what they gotta do,” another added.

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