This terrifying Halloween house definitely gives out full-sized candy bars

Forget Home Depot’s skeleton, we are all about this enormous animatronic spider now.

While Halloween will look a little different this year, it’s great to see that the houses in East Aurora, N.Y. are still going above and beyond with their decorations.

One house in particular caught the eyes of 10 million TikTok users.

“That’s on living in a town full of toy designers,” the caption says. Toy company Fisher-Price was founded in East Aurora and currently operates a plant there.

The house, which already frankly looks like a haunted house, is covered from roof to lawn with a spider web and a giant spider-like monstrosity crawls down it — legs moving and everything.

It’s even creepier to watch at night.

In terms of how large the creature is, the only information given on TikTok is a comment from the East Aurora TikTok account saying: “It’s big!”

Upon closer inspection in the night vision TikTok, viewers pointed out that the web also houses several mini spider babies.

“I’m sorry I would absolutely NEVER go up to that house,” one person commented.

Child me would be running for the hills,” another added.

According to WKBW Buffalo, the owner of the house started building the set in May.

“With so much going on this year I thought Halloween wasn’t going to be the same and I felt if there was ever a time that we needed something other to look at it was now,” David Moomaw, the homeowner, told the outlet.

But apparently, Moomaw isn’t quite finished yet — he said he still has some tricks up his sleeve for later this month.

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