This TikTok artist gives Disney princesses digital makeovers

If you spend time on the Internet, you’ve probably come across quite a few Disney princess reimaginings. Yudelmis San Emeterio is now going viral on TikTok because of her unique Disney remixes. San Emeterio doesn’t just share her work on her account vanotyarts, she shows you her process.  

In her rendition of “Sleeping Beauty’s” Aurora, San Emeterio gives the character a modern update.

Using a tablet and stylus, she takes an old screenshot of Aurora and draws write on top of it. The artist changes the princess’ hairstyle to two long pigtails with a blue hair clip. She gives her heavier eyeliner and a blue spaghetti strap dress. Aurora even gets her eyebrows reshaped from a high arch to the latest TikTok fox eyebrow. The viral brow shape requires shaving off the outer half of the brow. 

“When I saw people giving makeovers to Disney characters, I couldn’t help myself! My main goal with my videos is to keep the changes in the transformation as close as possible to the style and texture of the original art,” San Emeterio told BuzzFeed.

Her most viral video amassed over 12.4 million views. San Emeterio makes Rapunzel look a lot like Ariana Grande.


The trickiness with 3D edits is that they’re a bit more involved, but Rapunzel is worth it ❤️ #rapunzel #disneyprincess #gloupdisney

♬ GREEDY x TREASURE – conradrocha

She changed her long flowing hair into a high ponytail, filled in her brows, added some eye makeup and gave her a new blue dress with sheer sleeves. 

“She went from a 50/10 to a 100/10,” one TikTok user wrote

“Omg, she looks so pretty,” another said

“Omg, I love this so much,” one person added.

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