This TikTok claims we’ve all been using pasta strainers the ‘wrong’ way

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing the “right” way to make pasta.

The home chef, who goes by the username EnSee, posted their cooking hack on July 12, and it’s now been viewed more than 715,000 times.

EnSee’s video begins by showing the “wrong” way to use a pasta strainer, which involves dumping the noodles out of a pot. Then, he shows his way.

The “hack” is simple, yet allegedly effective. EnSee places the strainer inside the bowl, then pours out all the water.

“Tell the truth you didn’t know about this,” the TikToker captioned his video.


tell the truth you didn’t know about this😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##normalpeople ##lifehacks

♬ Niagara Street – Ensee

The TikToker’s video essentially claims that his method is faster, easier and prevents noodles from potentially spilling. Several commenters agreed with that idea, and praised Ensee for sharing it.

“TikTok has taught me more than school ever has,” one user wrote.

“Wow, I’ve being doin it wrong 4ever,” another added.

“I think you’ve just changed my life,” another added.

Others were far more critical though, commenting that the “right” way is actually the original way.

“It wasn’t designed for that.. Its a sieve,” one user argued.

“It would be flat if it was meant for that,” another added.

Some users, meanwhile, seemed uninterested with the hack altogether. They were more concerned about Ensee wasting pasta water, which is commonly used to make pasta sauce.

The strainer argument has been ongoing for years now. In 2017, the hack went viral on Twitter, sparking a massive cooking debate online. Some news outlets, like Today, even interviewed celebrity chefs about the method.

So, what’s the verdict? James Briscione, Director of Culinary Research for the Institute of Culinary Education told Today at the time that “there’s actually a ton wrong” with the hack.

As Briscione pointed out, putting the strainer inside the pot increases the risk that you could burn yourself. Also, there’s a chance the strainer could come loose and cause all of the pasta to spill.

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