This TikTok influencer says she’s ‘the ugliest crier there could possibly be’ after getting pulled over for running a stop sign

What happens when you’re pulled over for running a stop sign? You make a TikTok about it.

TikTok personality Avery Katherine (@averykatherinewood), who has 1.1 million followers on the platform, recently posted a video where she hysterically describes her interaction with a police officer. Avery also describes herself as “the ugliest crier there could possibly be” as a result.

“I just got pulled over, and he was so fine, too,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Carson. I’m sorry,” she says in reference to her boyfriend.

According to Avery, she was pulled over moments before arriving at her gym.

“Apparently, he was behind me for a hot second, and I guess I rolled through a stop sign. I told you guys I was a bad driver… And he was like, ‘Do you know why I pulled you over?’ And I said, ‘Was I speeding?’ And he was like, ‘No, but were you?’ I said, ‘No, no, no… I was not speeding.’ And he said, ‘You ran right through a stop sign.'”

Avery says the situation was “so embarrassing” because people from her gym were watching this happen.

The officer requests her license and registration. “I don’t even know what the flip that is. I just gave him my whole glove box,” Avery admits. He then asks if he’s pulled her over before.

“I said, ‘No, you have never pulled me over before. I know that for dang sure.’ And he was like, ‘Well, with those pretty eyes, I feel like I would remember you,'” Avery says. “I said, ‘Ew!’ But you kinda cute. I said, ‘No, you did not pull me over before. I would’ve remembered.”

“I knew you were cute from the beginning. I knew you were my man for real!”

Ultimately, the officer lets her off the hook.

“‘I’m gonna let you off. I’m not gonna write you a warning. I’m not gonna give you a citation. It was a super minor infraction,'” he tells Avery. “He says, ‘I’m gonna let you off because it was such a little deal.'”

“I knew you were cute from the beginning. I knew you were my man for real!” Avery says of the officer. “Carson, this is just a prank. I’m sorry. I did not mean to say that.”

“[T]he way he was trying to flirt lol”

TikTok users are reacting to Avery’s harrowing, albeit chaotic, story. The video has racked up more than 3 million views.

“[H]onestly this would be my exact reaction,” someone replied. “I’m a horrible driver and deserve to be pulled over but i would still cry.”

“[T]he way he was trying to flirt lol,” one commenter joked, referencing the police officer.

“[Y]ou’re so real and ily for it,” another said.

While getting pulled over can sometimes lead to nothing more than a warning, a hefty ticket could also be waiting for you. As Avery urges, “Peace and love. Make sure to stop at all your stop signs.”

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