This TikTok user has some seriously complex questions about his new salt shaker

A confused boyfriend is going viral after sharing his immense uncertainty over a recent gift he received from his girlfriend.

The strange, hilarious saga began when a TikTok user named Garret Burns posted a video revealing the present, which was a set of salt and pepper shakers. However, it seemed the shakers contained a semi-baffling message that sent Burns into what some users jokingly called a “mental breakdown.”

Burns’ issue with the gifts seemed to stem from their romantic labelling. One shaker featured the words “you’re the salt” on it, while the other said “to my pepper.”

“I was getting ready to put the salt in them,” Burns says in the clip. “But then I realized I don’t know which one to put the salt in.”


These are an absolute paradox @morgan.rn

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In the video, the TikToker begins a highly analytic explanation as to why either shaker could be the “actual” salt shaker.

For example, the shaker labeled “you’re the salt,” appears to be telling the other shaker that it contains salt. However, that shaker says “to my pepper” on it, therefore implying that it is supposed to hold pepper.

“I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else,” Burns says in his video.

The likeliest solution, as Burns admits, seems that the shaker with the word “salt” on it should hold the salt, no matter what else its label says. However the TiikToker couldn’t help but continue to express his indecision — bringing plenty of commenters along with him.

“Dude that makes perfect sense I’m with u on this,” one user wrote.

“Wait I’m actually so confused,” another added.

“This is me on a multiple choice test, talking myself out of the right answer I had originally picked,” another joked.

Many users seemed far less confused, though, arguing that Burns was definitely overthinking the gift.

“Mans is having a mental breakdown over salt and pepper shakers,” one user wrote.

“Plot twist: She did this on purpose to confuse you,” another joked.

As far as a “correct” answer is concerned, many commenters added that, traditionally, salt shakers have more holes than pepper shakers.

That’s not exactly true either though: According to the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum (yes, that’s a real place), the number of holes in each shaker varies by culture. Additionally, the museum notes that those looking to cut back on their sodium intake may put their salt in a shaker with fewer holes.

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