This TikTok user is convinced she’s the little girl in a photograph that’s been circulating online

This TikToker believes she’s the young girl in an old photograph that’s been making its rounds on the Internet.

A 17-year-old content creator (@goodelectricity) posted a video in which she presents evidence supporting her belief that she’s in a photo that’s been posted on TikTok.


I showed the photo to my dad with no context and he confidently exclaimed “that’s you!” #doppelgänger #nostalgia #crazy #mindblowing #conspiracy #coincidence #weird #strange #help #tiktokhelpme #sendhelp

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“You guys, I am flipping out over this video I saw on my ‘For You Page’ this morning,” she says. @goodelectricity then inserts a TikTok posted by @nostalgcore of a seemingly random group of children smiling for a photo during a sleepover in the 2000s.

“…I have no recollection of going to a sleepover.”

“Ordinary slideshow. Ordinary photo, right? Wrong. Examine this photo… You probably don’t recognize anything, but I do,” she says. “That little kid. She looks identical to me when I was a child.”

@goodelectricity then cites the similarities between herself and the girl in the photograph.

“She has my smile and my hair color. Literally everything. And that smile is so distinct,” she says, before showing a self-portrait she drew for an art competition. “I’ve studied every muscle of my face…but I have no recollection of going to a sleepover.”

@goodelectricity recognizes another girl in the photo, but she’s unsure whose sleepover she was at.

“Our night gowns look alike,” she says while showing a photo of herself in a similar-looking nightgown as a child. “That purple thing looks like my little rabbit. Oh, and that yellow comforter?” @goodelectricty points to a near-identical comforter she has presently.

“I literally see photos of when I was young (in prek/kinder 2006) and I have no idea how they got online. They’ve been in multiple nostalgia TikToks”

Some TikTok users are fascinated by @goodelectricity‘s claims and believe it’s possible she has a doppelgänger. Others are confused about how these types of photos make it online to begin with.

“i can’t wait to meet my doppelganger ngl i will date them,” someone said.

“Doppelgängers are my number one irrational fear, and I have a lot of them” another said.

“I literally see photos of when I was young (in prek/kinder 2006) and I have no idea how they got online,” one user replied. “They’ve been in multiple nostalgia TikToks.”

The question remains: Is it actually @goodelectricity or is it her doppelgänger? We hope she finds out eventually.

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