This TikToker attempts to make vintage recipes from centuries ago

This TikTok comedian entertains his 2 million followers by testing out vintage cookbook recipes. B. Dylan Hollis uses recipes that date anywhere from the late 1800s to the 1960s, to test out whether the throwback dishes stand the test of time. Spoiler alert: they usually don’t. From chocolate potato cake to something called “water pie,” here are 5 of the strangest recipes that Hollis has made. 

Pork belly fruitcake (1915)

This century-old recipe features a pound of ground pork, currants, and apple juice. After 2.5 hours in the oven, the meaty, fruity concoction is ready to eat. “What’s scary is it’s not terrible,” said Hollis. “But something just ain’t right,” he continued, before putting the plate away, leaving this cake in the past where it belongs. 

Chocolate potato cake (1912)

With over 15 million views, this video was one of Hollis’ most popular posts to date. And it proves that apparently, early 20th-century bakers had a method to their madness. The recipe calls for cut up boiled potatoes with the skins left on. “It’s not supposed to work,” said Hollis after enjoying a slice. “And I’m mad about it.” 

Tomato soup cake (1950) 

The 1950’s gave us some amazing things. Rock N’ Roll, cool cars, and cakes that are made with tomato soup. After baking this bizarre recipe, which featured a full can of soup, Hollis was pleasantly surprised that the cake tasted more like chocolate than tomato. One user commented: “this is actually a family recipe and one of my favorites!!” So apparently this is a thing! 

Soured raisin pie (1943) 

While the chocolate potato cake and tomato soup cakes were pleasant surprises, this raisin pie, which calls for something called “sour milk,” tasted “like a shower drain,” according to Hollis. The name “soured raisin pie” doesn’t exactly jump off the page of a dessert menu. But some of these modern recipes for similar pies actually look pretty interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Water pie (1929) 

Apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie… Who needs ‘em?! Live from the Great Depression, it’s water pie! This humble pie is made with just sugar, flour, water, and butter. And while simple recipes are sometimes the best, that was not the case with this bad boy, which tasted like “lint,” according to Hollis. H2-No thank you! 

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