This TikToker fixes cars with ramen noodles, and we have several questions

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his highly unconventional way to fix a damaged vehicle.

The car-fixing “hack,” which left many commenters questioning how the idea came about and whether or not it’s actually possible, was shared in April by a user who fittingly refers to himself as “RepairMan.”

In the clip, which has more than 9 million views, RepairMan reveals his fix for a damaged bumper: ramen noddles. The TikToker fills a hole in his vehicle with the noodles, then smooths them off and covers them with spray paint.


Car body repair with noodle ##farrier

♬ Ymca – Party City

The method appears effective in the video, falling in line with all of the other clips on RepairMan’s page, in which he fixes tile floors, toilets and even sidewalks with ramen noodles. Still, TikTok users expressed their confusion, calling the hack “dangerous.”

“Woah there buddy,” one commenter wrote.

“What happens when it rains,” another asked.

“Is this real or am I just extremely gullible?” a third asked.

As it turns out, the solution isn’t as uncommon as it may seem. There are several other videos of social media users using ramen to repair everyday items, including one in which a YouTuber checks whether a car’s bumper can actually last after being fixed with noodles.

The answer? In that case … sort of.

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