This TikToker turns peanut butter and jelly on toast into art

This TikToker creates the most beautiful peanut butter and jelly toast!

TikToker Beth Bierema (@bethbierema) is a photographer and food artist who posts clips of her stunning culinary creations. One of Bierema’s recipes and aesthetic specialties is the classic open peanut butter sandwich, and she creates charming prints using jellies, jams and honey over natural peanut butter.


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One of Bierema’s most popular peanut butter prints features an assortment of bleeding hearts that she made “for all the broken hearts out there.” She also offers a similar recipe if you’re not tending to any wounds of the heart or if you just like honey. 

After evenly spreading a thin layer of peanut butter on a slice of bread, Bierema uses a squeeze bottle filled with jam to create tiny dots all over the surface. She then takes a toothpick and gently drags it through the middle of each dot to make the drooping heart shapes. 

For a slice with some trippy swirls, Bierema uses the squeeze bottle to create diagonal lines over the peanut butter spread. Next, she sweeps a toothpick back and forth over the peanut butter and jam, forming leaf-shaped twists.

If you’re looking to get in the Halloween spirit, Bierema’s spider web design is the perfect festive snack. First, she creates a small circle in the center using jam or honey and forms larger rings around the one in the middle. She then drags a toothpick from the center toward each corner of the piece of toast to create a cobweb.

Bierema’s latest spooky peanut butter spread features a group of friendly ghosts that are as sweet as honey.

Other creations include fireworks, which are made similarly to the spider web but with smaller circles.

Also similar to the spider web, Bierema creates a flower by making rings and then using a toothpick to drag through the rings from the outer edges toward the center.

While the finished design for each piece of toast looks complicated, Bierema shows that a little clever maneuvering with a toothpick is an easy way to create a masterpiece.

“This made me smile.”

Viewers all over TikTok have been delighted by Bierema’s toast art. 

“God, so cute,” gushed one viewer about the hearts. 

“This made me smile,” another user agreed. 

“This is the second most perfect PB&J I’ve ever seen,” one PB&J connoisseur commented on Bierema’s peanut butter swirls video. 

They say not to mess with a classic, but PB&J deserves a glow-up from time to time.

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