This tiny tapas factory is made entirely out of Legos

Yes, you can automate Legos to serve you tapas — provided you have four weeks of free time on your hands. 

That’s exactly how long it took the Lego mavericks at The Brick Wall, a YouTube channel devoted to engineering projects, to make the contraption. The designers created the Lego tapas factory in May.

It took 19 Lego power functions motors to complete the project. The specialty bricks add movements like gear turns and wheel spins. The innovators also used five BuWizz bricks, which are remote controls for Legos. 

“The Tapas Factory idea came after last year’s family trip to Spain, Barcelona,” the video caption explained. “After a long day of visiting tourist places, my parents enjoyed the evening in the small restaurant. They were like kids in the candy store going after different tapas every evening. For sure it was a very special and unforgettable experience.” 

The Brick Wall’s tapas factory doesn’t just serve you, however, it makes the tapas for you.

A conveyor belt transports baguettes to be cut by a series of strings in the automated Lego factory. Next, the pieces go to receive toppings. Another conveyor belt adds cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, apple and prosciutto to the bread slices. Then the Lego machine inserts toothpicks with tomato and cheese. Finally, a delivery robot retrieves the tapas and a tall glass of beer to serve the guests. 

The impressive project was viewed over 1 million times on YouTube

“Professor Brick Wall again with his innovative inventions for Lego City!” one user said

“This is amazing! I love every single idea of yours!” another added

“This channel really is amazing, it is so refreshing to see. Every video of yours just makes me happy,” someone wrote

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