This ultra-compact bike will add a boost to your daily commute

The Kwiggle is a compact, collapsible bike that’s small enough to fit under seats on trains and buses. 

First launched on Kickstarter in 2017 by a German company of the same name, the modern bike is ultra-portable. The Kwiggle, which looks like a mix between a scooter, bicycle and unicycle when unfolded, was designed with the average daily commute in mind. 

It’s small enough to tote around or tuck away when necessary. Thus, the Kwiggle is meant to supplement your car or public transportation during traffic jams, rush hour or on your lunch break. When you need to quickly get somewhere, the Kwiggle is always there to get you out of a bind.

“Because of its low weight and its trolley function you lead it with almost no effort everywhere,” the company stated. “If you have a Kwiggle with you, you will explore cities and landscapes faster, further, more independent and more flexible.”

To use the Kwiggle, the rider sits on a small saddle — but unlike on a traditional bike, the seat is almost completely upright. According to the company, the unique position allows users to get more force onto the pedal and therefore expel less energy. 

Meanwhile, the Kwiggle’s tires are much smaller and its handlebars are much shorter than a typical bike, making it super lightweight at 18.7 pounds. The no-frills Kwiggle is almost like a bike with any excess parts trimmed off. It collapses to the portable size of 21.7 x 15.7 x 9.8 inches and can be transported like a rolling suitcase when folded. 

The Kwiggle cost about $1500 and is available in one to six speeds.

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