This Vietnamese coffee shop is decorated almost entirely with upcycled materials

A Vietnamese coffee shop is using upcycled materials to help the environment and curate a unique aesthetic. 

Roughly 95 percent of the materials in the café, located in a small alley in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, are recycled. Each item is handmade from discarded wheels, plastic bits, bottles and other upcycled rubbish.

In this video of the cozy establishment, it’s easy to see that nearly every item, upon closer inspection, was once something else.

There’s an old Vespa converted into a dining table and a series of smaller tables made of used car tires. On the walls, bicycle wheels and tire plates give the café a shabby-chic vibe.

Even the ceiling is decorated with recycled material. It’s covered with thousands of plastic bottles, each of which is filled with a colored powder that captures the light nicely. In fact, it almost looks like a glass flower mosaic from below.

Every piece of decor has a whimsical, artistic vibe. The café is definitely a cool find you’d want to run and tell your friends about.

The shop’s owner, Nguyen Tho, told Newsflare that he came up with the recycled aesthetic as a way to raise awareness about environmental protection.

Like many countries, Vietnam struggles with plastic waste. Annually, residents dispose of more than 1.9 million tons of plastics, but only 27 percent of that is recycled.

Needless to say, everyone on Earth can do a better job of handling plastics. It’s important to opt for biodegradable materials and to recycle the plastics you have used. Tho’s café is the perfect example of how you can get creative and have a positive impact on your community.

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