This water bottle has a secret coffee cup inside to make going zero-waste easy

Hitch by Remaker Labs is here to simplify the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The dual water bottle and coffee cup solves a problem most folks trying to reduce single-use items face: it’s just a lot of stuff to carry.

According to Remaker Labs, 300 billion disposable coffee cups wind up in landfills annually. Meanwhile, 100 million trees are cut down for paper cups every year.

So if you’re trying to go zero-waste but the thought of carrying a bottle, coffee cup, lunch containers, utensils and tote bags sounds daunting, Hitch might be for you.

The water bottle and cup are both double-walled, vacuum insulated, leak-proof, stainless steel containers. At first, the 18-ounce water bottle looks like any other, but a 12-ounce cup is tucked underneath the bottom and easily pulls out when needed.

The cup’s leak-proof lid is stored in the lid of the bottle. And if hydrating and caffeinating is too cumbersome, the waterbottle’s lid also serves as a secure cup holder. Both containers can maintain cold beverages for 12 hours and hot ones for six hours.

Remaker Labs aims to make going zero waste easier while reducing the use of plastic in bottles and coffee cup lining. Backing for the project ends on June 4. However, Hitch is already fully-funded on Kickstarter with over $1 million in pledges on a modest goal of $10,000.

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