This woman documented her weight fluctuations to prove that they’re totally normal

When you step on the scale after a fun night out with friends, it can be discouraging to see that number of a few extra pounds. You’ve been going to the gym regularly, you’re drinking plenty of water and your diet is full of nutritious foods — so what gives?

As it turns out, weight fluctuations are completely normal — and even if all you ate was lettuce and fruit, you’d likely still experience them.

“If you weighed yourself every hour throughout the day, you’d see dramatic shifts on the scale,” Amanda Foti, RD, a senior dietitian at Selvera Weight Management Program, explained to Self. “I prepare every single one of my clients to experience these fluctuations at some point as they are guaranteed to see them regardless if they are eating and exercising perfectly.”

To demonstrate just how normal weight fluctuations are, TikTok user Erin — who goes by ekeepsaccountability on the app — decided to document her weigh-ins every day for a week.


Don’t worry about small weight fluctuations! Your body fluctuates a few pounds because of water weight! Don’t let it get you down! #weightloss

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Throughout the video, which was recorded over the course of six days, Erin fluctuated from 181.2 pounds to 183.8 pounds.

Erin, who is currently in the middle of a weight-loss journey, explained in her caption that the body “fluctuates a few pounds because of water weight,” which is nothing to be worried about.

People were inspired by Erin’s video, which was both brave and informative.

“Those little plateaus happen and we don’t need to stress about them,” one person wrote.

“TYSM FOR THIS. It’s one of the main things that makes me sad,” another user commented.

“FINALLY SOME TRUTH,” a third person noted.

“Someone gets it,” another person added.

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